Streaming Media Box FAQS

Stream Unlimited Movies, Sports, TV Shows, Music From Internet to HD TV Over 100,000 Movies – Over 1,000 Channels 24 hours a day!

Pre-Sales Questions

What Internet Speed do I need?

You must have a minimum of 5 Mbps download speed for the xmWiredTV Media Streaming HD TV box to work. For Live TV streaming and for best performance you need a minimum of 10 Mbps “Download” internet speed. To check your internet download speed visit the following link:
Click Here To Test Your Internet Speed
If your internet download speed is not high enough you may need to upgrade your internet speed.
Many times people pay for higher internet speeds and their internet provider does not always supply the correct speed. In this case, call your provider support and ask them to fix it.

Will I get my Local TV Channels?

Yes. There are many “Local” news channels so your TV box will show the national broadcasted channels. You can download local channel apps from stations that have them available, or you you can purchase a HD Digital TV antenna from a store such as WalMart or Best Buy and get them in HD.

Do I need a Internet Connects for my Media Streamer to work?

YES!!! You must have an internet connection to stream content from the Internet, you do not need an internet connection to use our TV box. You can use our TV box to play games and use your downloaded apps without an internet connection.

Can I view Live Sports on the XMWiredTV Media Streamer?

YES!!! You will have access to just about any live TV sports programs and many recorded sports programs. We legally can not guarantee you will get access to certain sports channels.

Does the xmWiredTV Media Streamers support WiFi?

YES!!! Our xmWiredTV Ultra 4K/3D HDTV Streaming Media box comes equipped with 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz dual-band WiFi for fast effective streaming of all your media content.\r\n\r\nYou may also connect via a hardwired direct Ethernet connection.

Does the xmWiredTV support Automatic Software Updates?

All streaming media TV boxes periodically need software, add-on and firmware updates to enhance our customers user experience.  Most other media streaming HD TV box players do NOT support automatic updates.

To learn more visit our Media Streamer HDTV Box Features page
The “KEY BENEFITS” of our streaming media player is our automatic updating programs:  Our media boxes have the following automatic updaters:

  • XM Media Center – updates all of the boxes “Add-ons”
  • KODI Updater – ensures your box stays up to date with the latest tested version of KODI.
Can I download Apps from the Google Play Store?

Yes. You can download thousands of apps and games from the Google Play Store and have access to them right on your TV!

Can I access TV & Movies in other countries?

YES!!! You will have access to many live channels, TV shows and episodes and movies in countries outside the USA.

Will the xmWiredTV Media Streamers work in other countries?

YES!!! The XMWiredTV HDTV Ultra 4K Media Streamer has hundreds of languages and has movies and TV shows from many countries. You may need an electrical plug converter.

Is the xmWiredTV Media Streamer Player Legal?

YES! All our xmWiredTV media player software does, is provide links to content that is already posted on the internet. We do not host any content nor do we know who does. We do not promote illegal conduct of any kind.

The, xmWiredTV, LLC or any xmWiredTV media streamers do not host, provide, archive, store or distribute media of any kind. xmWiredTV media boxes basically acts as a index or directory if you will, of media posted by other third party enthusiast on the internet, which is completely outside our control.
We respect the rights of others and prohibit the use of referenced material for any purpose other than which it was attended.

Does the media streamer provide access to Adult content?

YES. Our media streamers do provide unlimited access to adult content.  The customer may “Disable” or “Uninstall” access to adult content, and or use the “Parental Control” feature to block access.